As an outdoor Enthusiast, nature-lover, I have walked hundreds of miles, climbed dozens of mountains, and reached some of the highest peaks in North America.

I always appreciated and enjoyed spending time in the backcountry observing wild animals, plants and witnessing a thousand miracles.

If there's one piece of advice I can give you, to reconnect with nature, it's to be the best prepared and equipped.

Because I know that:
  • Your equipment can make or break your experience.
  • The labor shortage impacts wages risings, inflation, and supply chain issues.
  • Lack of commitment and transparency when we are looking for expert advice in a physical store. 
I've created this curated niche store with a selection of durable products. So that you can enjoy your time in nature without limitations.
I commit to providing all the essentials + the expert advice that you may need to make your outdoor activities pleasant, safe, and above all light.